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VIDEO REDEMPTION Best Income Arcade Machines January 14, 2017 FGUSA VIDEO REDEMPTION ARCADE GAMES Welcome to Lone Star Fish Game Video Redemption Blog! Home to a Fantastic Range Of Video Redemption Arcade Games For Young And Old To Enjoy. This Site Is A Specialized Division Of Skilled Game Development – A Company […]

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Welcome to Lone Star Fish Game Video Redemption Blog! Home To a Fantastic Range of Video Redemption Arcade Games For Young and Old to Enjoy. This Site is a Specialized Division Of Skilled Game Development – A Company With Experience in the Arcade and Amusement Industry. Video Redemption is Dedicated to All Ticket Redemption Games Such As Tiger Strike™ , Tiger Strike Plus™ , Dragon Tiger and Phoenix ™ , Phoenix Realm™ , Dragon Strike™ , and Fire Kirin.

These Machines are Suited For All Types of Venues Such as Arcades, Ticket Redemption Centers, Cafes, Bars, Clubs, Gaming Centers, and Commercial Locations. The Eye-Catching Cabinet Designs , Various Input / Output Options, and Exciting Game Play Will Create a Unique Experience For Each Player and Encourage Repeat Game Play.

We Develop the Leading Software, and Are the Worldwide Exclusive Agent For Tiger Strike™ , Tiger Strike Plus™ , Dragon Tiger and Phoenix™ , Phoenix Realm™ , and Dragon Strike™ English version arcade machines. Now Shipping All Games! Game Board, Upgrade Kits, and Full Machines Available!


Tiger Strike Plus™ is the Next English Version Release in Multiplayer, Video Redemption Arcade Games, Which Comes Housed in An 8-10 Player Cabinet! It is an Updated Version of Tiger Strike™ With Improved Features and More Chances to Win Big! The Familiar Characters in the Game Will Attract the Attention of Players of All Ages.

Tiger Strike Plus™ Game Uses Stunning Under Water Back Drops For Each Stage, Displayed On a Large High Definition LCD Monitor, and Rendered Using 3D Graphics For Realistic Visuals and Movements. The Cabinet Has Space For 8-10 Players to Play Simultaneously; Creating a Multiplayer Frenzy that will Excite Players and Keep them Coming Back For More Chances to Win!

To See More Information and Video For Tiger Strike Plus™ Redemption Arcade Game and Features in the 8-10 Player Arcade Machine, Click Here


As an Operator, there is a Very Good Reason to Buy Well-Made, High Quality Video Redemption Arcade Games: Replay Value. Redemption Machines, When Made Right, Have Very High Replay Value and Can Be the Top Income Earners in Your Location. This is For Two Reasons: Firstly, as a Skill Based Game, It Allows Players to Continually Practice and Refine their Techniques as They try to Increase their Winnings;

Secondly, Players are Rewarded for that Effort. This Sounds Simple Enough, but it’s True, Playing Video Games Doesn’t Feel Like Procrastination When You’re Out and Earning a Payout For It. There’s a Sense of Achievement When Players Improve their Game and Increase their Winnings, So Why Wouldn’t Players Keep Coming Back ?  The Other Very Important Thing About these Games is that They Must Be .

This is Where Video Redemption Comes In. We Understand that When You Give Players a Game that is Skill-Based and Fun to Play, You Will Continue to See those Players Regularly. Using this Knowledge and Our Years of Expertise in Amusement and Arcade Machines.

We Have Selected an Exciting Range of Video Redemption Arcade Games that Have Proven their Popularity With Players Over Time and Have Earned Well ( Or Have Been the Top Income Earning Machine ) In a Variety Of Locations. From Coin Pushers to Ticket Redemption Machines, We are Dedicated to Selling the Highest-Earning Games that Players Want to Play.