We Specialize in Skilled Fish Hunter Games. We are the Industry Leading, Largest Distributor of Fish Game USA. This is the Official And The Only Original and Authentic Lone Star Fish Game and not a Knock off that You See Elsewhere.

We Have Original Game Titles Only Available Through Lone Star Fish Game Such As Tiger Strike, Tiger Strike Plus, Dragon Tiger and Phoenix, Phoenix Realm, Dragon Strike, and Our Newest Release Lion Strike and More to Come! What Sets Us Apart From Our Competitors is Our Proprietary Games Offer Challenging Skill Levels to Engage The Player. Our Cabinets are High Quality, Light Weight Steel Made in the USA. Each Cabinet is Equipped With Unique Lighting and Robust Sound System With a Subwoofer to Complement Our Games and Give the Player a More Engaged Experience.

Our Cabinets Can Be Customized to Fit Your Requirements Such As:

  • Bill Acceptors

  • Printers – Tickets

  • Card Read

  • Point of Sale (PoS)

  • RFID Chip Keys

  • Coin feed operations

Our Games Thrive in High Traffic Locations Such As:

  • Pool Halls

  • Bingo Halls

  • Arcades

  • Amusement Parks

  • Internet Cafe

We Keep Stock Of Our Machines and Parts For Fast Delivery and Very Little Wait.
Complimentary Setup and Training is Provided On Every Transaction.


Choose From Our Selection of Lone Star Fish Game to Install Into a Cabinet.

Winter Collection



Spring Collection



Autumn Collection



We Also Offer Games Such As

  • Ocean King 2 Ocean Monster

  • Ocean King 2 Ocean Monster Plus

  • Ocean King 2 Golden Legend

  • Thunder Dragon

  • Crazy Shark

  • King of Treasures

  • King of Treasures Plus

  • 4 Shark Legend

  • Dragon Hunter

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TS Plus
Dragon Tiger and Phoenix
Phoenix Realm
Tiger Strike
Dragon Strike
Our Skilled Fish Hunter Games are So Addicting Players Will not Want to Stop Playing. These Lone Star Fish Game are High Intensity, Action Filled Leaving them Wanting More and More! There is Nothing Else Out On the Market Like these Fish Hunter Games. The Cabinets They are Installed Into Make it Even More Fun! With All of The Lights, Stereo Sound With a Sub-Woofer, It Is Sure to Draw a Crowd and Have People Waiting to be Next to Play! All Of Our Proprietary Games are Original and Developed By Skilled Game Development LLC (SGD) . These are a Modern Version Of the Original Fish Hunter Games Such as the Ocean King series. Lone Star Fish Game is the Only Company that is Distributing these New Games With Titles Including: Dragon Tiger and Phoenix, Phoenix Realm, Tiger Strike, Dragon Strike, Tiger Strike Plus, and newly released Lion Strike.
Because of the Proprietary Source Code, Other Companies are not Able to Copy. There are Other Games Out there With the Same Name as Our Game Titles. However, They are just an Ocean King game With a Different Name and Some Characters. They Still Don’t have the Game Play Experience that Our Original Titles Do or the Customized Skill Levels. This is What Sets Us Apart From the Companies Trying to Copy Us and Truly Leaves a Large Gap Between Us and the Rest in the Industry.


Select From Our Beautifully Crafted Cabinets That Put On a Show While You Play!

All Of Our Cabinets are Constructed Using Light Weight Steel and High Quality Materials. Our Cabinets are Robust to Withstand the Wear and Tear Of Constant Play. Everything is Built Here in Our Warehouse and Tested Before Shipping to Ensure Proper Functioning At Delivery.